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HetoGrow is an investment management company with primary focus on real assets in Solar Energy, Infrastructure, Technology and Entertainment. We seek to increase value over the medium to long term and experience has shown that market rates movements cause asset prices to rise and fall over time. Consequently, current values may be higher or lesser that original valuation.

The introduction of HetoGrow solar power banks into the market was born out of the desire to challenge the proliferation of substandard power banks designed to deceive unsuspecting buyers.

Our overall aim is to provide off grid energy solutions. Why off-grid energy? Well, the need for power is ever constant and growing. However, this is unmatched by awareness of alternative choices for direct and instant access to power, including much cleaner renewable energy solutions. And unfortunately, many are still living a life of energy poverty despite the UN agenda for sustainable and affordable energy. Clearly, there's still so much more to be done.

We embarked on the HetoGrow Solar Awareness Campaign which aims to educate by providing logical tips on basic checks that ensure potential buyers avoid paying for substandard products. And contribute to demonstrating other practical benefits of solar clean energy.  This is especially focused on Africa, using our local experience, contacts, associates and other networks. We are currently in Africa's largest economy, Nigeria; with a population fast approaching 180 million and work force of circa 75 million. We are also expanding our reach across West Africa to Ghana and Sierra Leone; as well as across Southern Africa from Angola and Congo. We hope to be in East Africa soon.

According to the NCC, Nigeria has over 236 million connected mobile lines, of which active monthly average is over 155 million, as of December 2016. At HetoGrow, we believe solar energy can power more lines so that people can #TalknSurf4Longer.

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Why HetoGrow?

We believe in the simplicity and practicality of things. We ensure guided quality control processes throughout our work streams which then reflect acceptable quality standards in our brand, all the way. We offer 12 months warranty split into 6 months standard warranty extendable for a further 6 months.  Our products are tested to maintain our quality assurance standards. Registration can be completed online at www.hetogrow.com/warranty.

We constantly research market trends to ensure we offer latest technology. Further to this, we regularly update our product User Guidance Notes which are designed to be user friendly and easy to understood. PDF versions can also be downloaded from the warranty site.

HetoGrow Group (@HetoGrow) is based in the UK and Nigeria, focused on Investment Management. The key areas of interest include Solar and other alternative forms of Energy, Infrastructure, Technology and Management Consulting. To know more about HetoGrow, we invite you to visit the HetoGrow Group website and follow us on social media by clicking the buttons below.

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HetoGrow Entertainment invests in show business focusing on Afrotainment - Nollywood, NollyComedy, Ghallywood and Afrobeats.

Our core strategy is to invest in showbiz and promotion campaigns that  

HetoGrow solar power bank bullet Promote pure African stories told by Africans

HetoGrow solar power bank bullet Sponsor African cinematic and cultural experiences that touch on the imagination

HetoGrow solar power bank bullet Inspire creativity and Influence quality standards

HetoGrow solar power bank bullet Create opportunities to train and promote aspiring Afrocentric filmmakers, actors and other interested parties where Nollywood meets NollyComedy

HetoGrow solar power bank bullet Discover and promote new talents by creating talent hunt opportunities through film festivals, movie premieres and seminars for filmmakers, actors and fans alike.

We invested in the #ComeJokeWithMe show on Saturday 23 September 2017. To partner with us please click here to call or email us.

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